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17 Barclay Street, Building B3, Newtown PA 18940
5246 York Road, Buckingham, PA 18902
(215) 260-7570

Bucks Support Services
Bucks Support Services | A Bartko, PsyD
A Bartko, PsyD
A Bartko, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Pennsylvania. They earned their Doctorate in Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Originally from PA, they hold a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and certificate in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.
Their approach to counseling consists of a postmodern and integrative lens that is influenced by relational, psychodynamic, attachment, and multicultural theories. Through a trauma-informed lens they work towards creating a safe, affirming, and collaborative space where clients can be both vulnerable and empowered. They believe that clients’ stories are contextual, therefore they work towards identifying oppression-based barriers and explore how their environment may be both helpful and harmful through a social justice lens. Their approach begins with hearing the person’s story and naming areas of desired change and growth. With principles of fluidity, agency, and curiosity they work to support and gently challenge clients to connect to the client’s history, relationships, environment, and self. As a client-centered therapist, A may use techniques from other orientations, such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) or motivational interviewing that best fits the client’s needs.
Although A enjoys working with a wide range of concerns, they are someone who identifies outside of sexual and gender binaries and have special interest working with sexuality and gender, queer theory, marginalized identities, and sociopolitical issues. They also have experience in trauma, interpersonal and sexual violence, and identity development. They are a sex-positive clinician who is affirming of sexual diversity, including polyamorous/kink/altsex identities. In addition to these interests, they have experience working with addiction, recovery, and harm reduction related to substance use.
Before arriving at Bucks Support Services, they have worked in a variety of community and university based mental health settings serving diverse populations and concerns. They began their training doing individual and group therapy with homeless adults in a drop-in center in Concord, CA under Anka Behavioral Health. They also served a therapist for survivors of domestic violence in shelters and safehouses under Building Futures with Women and Children in San Leandro, CA. After this, they worked as an individual therapist for Pacific Center for Human Growth, a LGBTQ+ community clinic in Berkeley, CA. The last two years of their training has been in college and university settings, City College of San Francisco and most recently, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where they completed their APA-accredited predoctoral internship.